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Elle introduces: Sina Velke

At the age of 32, Sina Velke is one of the youngest faces in the styling world – and one of the most successful. Her journey has taken her from her parents’ hair salon in the German city of Kassel to clients like Strenesse, Hugo Boss and Chanel. And then, in 2009, the coveted position of hair specialist at Garnier. Working under famous hair & make-up expert Didier Malige, she’s currently styling for Victoria Beckham and Proenza Schouler at the New York Fashion Week. Sina gives ELLE the lowdown on the latest hair trends and how they’re created. (Page 160)


Sina Velke, hair expert at Garnier, explains how to create the latest looks.

Hair should be at least shoulder-length. First get to work with some straighteners: this will make the hair sit better later. Use a rat-tail comb to divide the hair in three, but leave some loose on the top of the head. Start plaiting at the back of the head and, as with a French braid, weave in any loose hair strand by strand. Secure the plait with a hairband, tuck it in underneath and secure it with hairpins. Finish with some gloss hair spray.

First towel-dry and add some mousse – be generous! Then get busy with a hairdryer, drying the hair above the head while kneading it with your fingers – this adds a slight wave. When the hair is nearly dry, make a centre-parting and knead the strands into shape again. If some strands still don’t lie perfectly, use a curling iron. Finish off by setting the look with some hairspray.

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