Beauty in black

Maria and I got so inspired by the clothes from Schwarzer Reiter, so we produced shortly after the interview with Edin DeSosa, the designer, a short movie with our all-time favorite model Jelena.

I always have to smerk when I see the sexy scene with Jelena and the knife. This detail got inspired by a story Edin told us about a granny… You have to ask him if you want to know.

Enjoy our story now about desire, living your phantasies, beauty, black latex and wigs. I actually bought a few pieces from Schwarzer Reiter for myself and actually can’t wait to wear them out in NYC.

Filmed by Maria Gibert


  1. Anna Arkell
    03/20/2014 — 6:43 pm

    It turned out amazingly! Congratulations Sina & Maria!! PS: I loved observing some of the preparation.

  2. Maria Gibert
    03/20/2014 — 10:58 am

    Es war eine tolle Zusammenarbeit und es hat richtig Spaß gemacht! Von mir auch tausend Dank an alle Beteiligten!

  3. Sabine Schwarz
    03/20/2014 — 10:21 am

    Good Morning Berlin! How better could this day Start? Thank you Sina, Thank you Maria

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