Augustin Teboul / Show Berlin / A/W 2014

Before moving to NYC I spent a few months in Berlin in order to get prepared for a new chapter in life: living and working in the USA. Living the last 7 years in Australia I had only glanced a few times into Berlin and its magic.

When Odessa Legemah and I came up with the concept to interview the main Berlin designers for my blog, I saw this also as an opportunity to indulge into Berlin style and find out more about the amazing potential everyone was raving about when talking about Berlin.

I have to confess, I have 100% fallen for this city and I will try and keep a place in Berlin in order to come back regularly. Berlin and its people are so refreshing, freeing and inspiring that right now I can`t imagine not getting recharged by its energy regularly.

After the interview with Augustin Teboul, we also were invited to film the behind-the-scenes during their A/W 2014 show. Just have a look at the two girls designs and you will understand why Berlin has its repuation.

Being a hair- and make-up artist, I got so inspired by Augustin Teboul`s hair- and make-up look that I used the inspiration for a shoot I just produced the other day in Berlin. Check out the movie and the snapshots and I am sure you will very clearly see what I mean.

Augustin Teboul
Filmed by Maria Gibert

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