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I am trying to get on top of things during the weekends in order to get new posts for the blog ready. Right now I am sitting with my laptop glued to my lap on the roofterrace. The sun is out and I there is actually right now no better way I could think off to pumb out work than sitting in the shade overlooking this amazing city.

Not as easy though to get organized these days… NYC and the establishment in this mega city takes up pretty much all my time since I moved here a few weeks ago. So the work is piling up… The more I get done the freeer I feel though.

By now ear-plugs at night are my best friends as my apartment is over a bar and I am still not used by the city which never sleeps.

You totally understand though why people go out so much. Even though I dedicated this weekend to me and my laptop, I managed to go with friends to the artfaire Nada and made new friends with a gallerist Rolando Anselmi from Berlin who was exhibiting Davide Balliano, whose art I instantly liked.

Besides dining with friends visiting from Berlin Smith & Mills in Tribeca I got caught by a rainshower under Williamsburg Bridge with my flatmate. The snapshots I took off her were magical. As soon as I am walking the streets – I am trying to walk everywhere and not taking neither cabs nor the metro – I will ask people to take snapshots of them for one of my latest projects I am involved into #Ilovemyhair. So also my roomy Bex Sheers had to pose for me with flowers infront of her face.

New York City has so much to offer so it is so hard to withdraw the pumping energy and calm down and regain energy. My maybe biggest challange might be to go to yoga and meditation regularly and get ballanced and calm inside again. Right now I feel as if my body was vibrating all the time as this city just boosts you non-stop.

Gallery: Rolando Anselmi
Artist: Davide Balliano
Restaurant Smith&Mills
Fashion stylist: Bex Sheers


  1. Gris
    06/01/2014 — 8:12 pm

    Sina, just “wow”. So happy for you. Even though I miss working with you. Enjoy NYC. Hope to meet you there soonest. XO, Griselda!

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