An Interview about Beauty, where age does not exist / Brigitte Sely / Head Of Production / Bonprix DE

Right in time for Berlin Fashion Week, I am proud to share this interview with one of the most inspiring personas the german fashion industry has to offer: She is not just a true inspiration but also a dear friend of mine: Brigitte Sely (Head of Production/Bonprix Germany)

I always start to giggle when I see the last scene from the interview…

Brigitte Sely is a woman who doesn`t stop to impact and move… The age gap and her inspiring vision about beauty are a huge plus in our friendship. We also are in sync when it comes to the opinion that real beauty is not dependant on age.

She has succeeded until today to stay true to herself and this is maybe one of the reasons why I adore this woman so much and why she never fails in making me believe that I can fly.

In this interview she shares how important friendships are in life and of course she shows off her unique and marvelous style plus shares her beauty routines and most favorite beauty products.

Filmed by: Maria Gibert


  1. Sabine
    07/09/2014 — 4:38 pm

    Emotion & Business & Know-How & Expericence & Beauty! I Like!

    • Sina
      07/09/2014 — 4:41 pm

      Danke, liebe Sabine. Ich kann mich Maria nur anschliessen: “Was für eine Frau!” x

  2. Maria
    07/08/2014 — 7:50 pm

    Was für eine Frau!

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