Wet hairstyles / QA s for Gala and a tutorial with Grazia

Wet-Looks are the trend-hairstyles for this summer. I met with Gala Germany in Hamburg and together with Frie Kicherer (Ressort Beauty) we created QAs about: „Who can wear it, who has the right hair for it, which products to use… etc.“

For Grazia Germany I combined „wet“ and „braids“ in one tutorial. And how you can create in no time out of a casual sporty braid a red-carpet-look in no time, you will find out in the tutorial attached.

Gala-Wet-Look Sina Velke

TRANSLATION FOR : Gala-Wet-Look-Sina-Velke

Sina Velke is Garnier’s hair expert. She knows how to handle oils and gels.

Better ask….
How to keep your wet-look sleek for hours

Can all women wear this straight-from-the-ocean-look?
If their hair is thick enough, sure, why not? If your hair is too thin your scalp would show. Another thing that would keep you from pulling it off is roots in a different color, as the moisture and extremely smooth look would make these different shades of color all the more visible. So, first get a color refresher, then get your gel!

Is it okay to skip washing my hair, with this oily look?
That’s perfectly all right. Slightly oily root regions are even advantageous for this style, as it’ll keep you hair from absorbing the styling oil too quickly. The greatest challenge really is to make this look last for several hours. As soon as it would start looking dry, your hair will look matte and porous. So have some oil handy for quick little touch-ups.

Oil or gel, what is best?
That depends on the desired effect. If you want to create a special and graphic texture that does not move, use ultra-strong gel. For a totally sleek look, try one of the hair oils that won’t weigh down your hair, but will achieve a special luster and perfect surface.

What can really go wrong?
If your hair is longer, then watch out for your clothes. Don’t wear your finest silks and rayons, as you might end up with oily stains on back and shoulders.

Will this look also work with extensions?
If your extensions are healthy and shiny human hair – sure, that’s fine. If they are synthetic you run a risk of it looking fake. When using glue-ins, make sure to keep the glue from getting oil. Oils and silicons will dissolve glue or make it brittle.

What should I always have with me?
It’s good to have a thermal spray for re-moistening and a tail comb. That will help you keep your wet look sleek and neat.



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