Friend The Magazine / East Village / Bex Sheers / Ali Mitton / Georgia Hilmer

During summer I teamed up with the stylist Bex Sheers for “Friend The Magazine”.

This cool, modern and clean story on our rooftop in the East Village only exists because of her. Being one of my best friends, flatmates and inspirations, Bex Sheers is a driving force also for my creative development.

Bex and I met years ago in Sydney and we became true friends when we moved in together in NYC. To experience her amazing creativity and very driven visions when it comes to her shoots, it is very inspiring and always a step forward in the right direction working with her.

We had so much fun that day and as the photographer Ali Mitton is a friend from Australia too and the manhattan-born model Georgia Hilmer turned out to be a sweetheart and true beauty, this is one of those magical days where I just knew why I had to move to NYC.

Friend The Magazine
Photographer: Ali Mitton
Stylist: Bex Sheers
Model: Georgia Hilmer
Hair&Make-up: Sina Velke

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