Schön Magazine / Pleasure Ground / Lina Tesch / Coney Island

When the photographer Lina Tesch came to NYC last summer, I was lucky to shoot with her one story at the Lunar-Park on Coney Island and this was also how I met the stylist Kisha C Jones.

It just sometimes happens that you work with a team where you instantly think: “dream team”. Since then I have worked with Kisha many times but I must say this story is one of m favorites and this is why I am very happy that I finally can share it with you.

The model JP was one of those girls who stands in front of the camera and it just happens: magic. We had so much fun that day.

Even my boyfriend visited us on set and tried on the Mickey-Mouse-Glasses… Kisha nearly ate her phone and JP had to eat a kids meal from Nathaniel`s ( a fast food chain in the States ) as there was nothing else around.

I am not surprised that the shoot got called: “Pleasure Ground” in the end as it was so much fun to shoot for Schön Magazine that day and I think it shows.

Schön Magazine: Pleasure Ground
Photographer: Lina Tesch
Stylist: Kisha C Jones
Model: JP
H&M: Sina Velke

And some snapshots …

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