Natural Beauty / Unretouched

I worked for FreePeople the other day in Philadelphia and I asked if I could have a few raw and unretouched images as I think those shots from that day define in a way what is trending right now and will hopefully be trend in the future too: unretouched and natural beauty.

It is not just the effortless natural hair and make-up which I think is Zeitgeist right now, it is also the confrontation with the question: is retouched and perfect still what we are driving for in the fashion- and beauty-industry? How about all the people out there who are connected to all of those images these days via Social Media and can decide if an image is “liked” or not?

The amazing and unretouched story with the topmodel Lara Stone confronts as much as “Natural Beauty” by Lernert & Sander.

I personally can`t wait to see more unretouched and natural stories released. This is one reason why I posted the story attached. “Perfectly imperfect” is that the new “glam”? Well, hopefully!

Client: FreePeople
Hair: Sina Velke
Natural Beauty / Lernert & Sander
Lara Stone / Unretouched

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