How I met Shea through Stylestalker

Just found out about a job I will have in Los Angeles in a week with my dear girlfriends from Stylestalker.

Through Stylestalker I met the fashion blogger Zanita and the beauty blogger Shea in LA some time ago.

To build a blog needs a lot of time and funds as well, so I don’t even know if they are still expecting this tutorial to ever go online.

I love Shea’s hair color in this film so much and if you asked me what reminds me of LA, it would be gorgeous Shea with her flawless glossy skin, her cool nails and her “fuck-off” (excuse my french) haircolor.

Can’t wait to catch up with the girls very soon again. If all goes by plan I will see you all in a week… Wohooooooo.

For the how-to for Shea’s hair color, please find the film attached.

Filmed by Maria Gibert
Blogger/Model: Shea
Blogger/Photographer: Zanita

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