Beautiful like a model? The model Alex Knight shares in an interview in NYC how it works.

Alex Knight and I met years ago in Melbourne on a job.

Years later we met by coincident in NYC again, became friends and the rest is history.

Alex shares with us in this interview how she “flies in”australian cuisine and coffee to NYC. But even more so important for me was to find out:

How do you survive as a model in NYC? How do you stay in shape?

Having graduated as a “master in nutrition” she creates the menus for her Cafés Bluestone Lane where I have become a regular.

Interview & Concept: Sina Velke
Filmed by: Maria Gibert
Model: Alex Knight
Bluestone Lane NYC


    • Sina
      08/16/2015 — 5:13 pm

      Thank you, Salsa Rumba Taleen. Good to know you are still following your friends blog. Sending lots of love. Sina xxx

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