There is no limit to cuteness / Niels Peeraer

I went through my folders on my laptop the other day and realized that I have not shared this beautiful story I produced with the photographer Wiebke Bosse months ago in Paris.

We visited the leather accessories designer Niels Peeraer in Paris. The portrait of Niels and photos of a model presenting his creations, show what the headline: “there is no limit to cuteness” means. Those delicate bags are so pretty you just instantly want to buy them to even have them decorating your apartment. They are nearly too special to be used as real handbags outside.

So much amazing talent out there. Wiebke told me that she found out about him through the web. Another reason to love the internet. You have access to so much information and inspiration.

Designer: Niels Peeraer
Photographer: Wiebke Bosse
Grooming/H&M: Sina Velke

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