What to use when the summer sun dries out your skin and hair

Right now I am kind off bathing my hair in the luxurious hair oil by Kérastase. Any oil will weigh down hair though if applied on the roots. so please only put oil on lengths and ends to get the full benefits. It is not just the beautiful scent which makes this oil special, hair also detangles much easier and is shiny and soft.

I am also using an Argan Oil for my face at night time to get the renewal effects. Talking about oils: also my all time favorite eye treatment from Kiehl’s has avocado oil in it. Oils seem to be the new best friend from most of the beauty companies and during times where skin and hair needs extra care those are the products I go for too.

What did my ballet teacher used to say: “…your elbows will show your age, so peel them regularly…” Until today I follow her advice and peel me elbows at least twice a week. The Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish by Kiehl’s takes me to a happy place under the shower every time I use it, so it will be my companion for quite some time, I am sure.

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