Antique Diamond Look with an effortless bun for Holy Ghost at the Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2015

Metallic and copper are colors which perfectly work during autumn and winter as they sparkle for the festive season and give us some warmth during icy nights. Where it is getting cold outside and only cosy where the parties and dinners happen inside, you should keep your eyes open for those glamorous looks.

The head of Make-up, Christina Vacirca, used a sponge to print on upper and lower lid some copper pigment with Mixed Medium by Mac. This “stamped on” look on top of a basis made out of the Antique Diamond Paintpot by Mac, was the special feature combined with fake lashes.

The hairstyle was an effortless bun with a middle part where hair was covering the ears and the ends were falling out, over the neck. How Bastian Casaretto, head of hair, created this look, you will find together with the step by steps after the make-up.

Don’t forget to check out who sang at the show… I just say: female, shaved head and lots of tattoos. Really cool and the Berlin crowd rocked.

Fotos by Maria Gibert
Behind-the-scenes-video by Grazia


Mac Face & Body Foundation
Mac Paintpot
Mac Cooper Pigment
Mac Mixed Medium
Mac Lashes Nr.35
Duo Lash Glue
Mac Mascara
Mac Lash Curler
Mac Dim Lip Balm


1. Blend Face&Body as natural base over the face
2. Apply Antique Diamond Paintpot on upper and lower lid
3. Stamp with a sponge the Copper Pigment with Mixed Medium Waterbase in the middle of the upper and lower lid.
4. Let dry carefully
5. Brush eyebrows in their natural and best shape
6. Curl lashes, give them a light coat with mascara and glue some fake lashes.
7. To tone down the red color in the lips, use some Dim Lip Balm


– Aveda Hair potion
– Aveda Control Force Spray
– Hair tie
– Bobbi pins

1. Powder on Aveda Hair Potion all over the roots
2. Create a natural middle part
3. Hair must fall over the ears and the ponytail has to sit low in your neck
4. Divide ponytail in two strands
5. Both strands get twisted into a loose bun and fixed with hairpins
6. The result should look natural and un-done with the ends still hanging out.
7. Fix the hairstyle with Hair Force

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