How to beat the jet-lag with a natural and fresh make-up

I often get asked how I manage to beat the jet-lag. The truth is: I don’t but I know what to do…

My traveling for work is often out of control. Especially before the festive season my schedule heats up and I am booked back-to-back.

Even though I still mostly fly economy class, I mostly sleep on my flights. But if you are over 30 you will not just simply shake off the jet-lag especially if you travel as much as I do.

A lot of sleep, water, sport and healthy food is my base for being able to manage but sometimes you simply see how tired you are in your face. The worst is when the alarm rings when you have basically just fallen asleep.

This amazing before-and-after-result is proof what you can do with the right make-up products and tools. Even in stressful times we want to look naturally fresh and healthy as we all know: the first impression counts.

Enjoy this step-by-step and let’s ‘beat’ the jet-lag all together with the right tricks.

Filmed by Maria Gibert
Bella Brushes

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