Nutrimetics, a skincare and beauty brand from Australia

When I look at the picture, it feels as if we had just filmed in Los Angeles and NYC for Nutrimetics.

Despite the fact that I work by now 15 years in the beauty industry, the content reflects still my believes and it is more than time that this content gets shared.

Nutrimetics is a brand, which I immediately put in relation with Australia. When I got confirmed today for a job in Australia in 2016, I felt a little homesick and was missing the country I lived in for 7 years immediately..

Perfect timing then, that I share projects, I started years ago in Australia… If you don’t know the brand Nutrimetics yet… you can find out about it more in the next few days.

Filmed by Maria Gibert


    • Sina
      12/17/2015 — 8:07 am

      Hi Tania Jones. Nothing planned right now. But as I never posted the content on my blog I produced for Nutrimetics… it is about time. Hope you are well. Happy festive season.

    • Sina Velke
      12/18/2015 — 8:57 am

      Hi Tania Jones. No, not that I know off but it was time that I shared this beautiful content… Hope you are all well and Nutrimetics is rocking as always. x

    • Sina
      12/17/2015 — 1:02 pm

      Big hugs back at ya! xxx

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