My new best friends: Stick On Nails

The other day in Los Angeles I was invited to a dinner-party and as I could not find the time to have a proper manicure, I had to come up with something last minute.

Those fabulous Stick On Nails came just handy. No matter what design you are going with, this is how you get a quick and easy fix for your nails in only 10 minutes.

As I was wearing a lace-dress, I went with a lace-design and it looked really pretty.

For the how-to apply Stick On Nails, please watch the tutorial attached.

Filmed by: Maria Gibert
Edited by: Manuela Rosati


  1. Sina Velke
    02/23/2016 — 7:18 pm

    Herzlichen Dank für Dein unterstützendes und nettes Feedback, liebe Petra Hützen.

  2. Petra Hützen
    02/23/2016 — 10:16 am

    Ich mag diese “praktischen Ideen” für den Alltag immer wieder gerne. Weiter so!

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