Beauty A-Z: E- Eyeliner Cat Eye 101


The make-up artist Dana Rae from NYC created under the label Able Cosmetics the Art Eyliner Cat Eye 101.

If you have always looked for a tool which makes it easy to create a cat-eye on your own eyes, you should hop on this link and order the art eyeliner cat eye 101.

You can either watch the tutorial on Able Cosmetics or you will find the written down step-by-step below attached.

For a cat eye which will from now on be done at home with ease and no stress.


Step1: Shake the eyeliner with lid closed
Step2: Take the lid off
Step3: Draw the eyeliner along the lash line
Step4: Hold the lid in the angle you like at the end of your eye and draw a line along the lid.
Step5: Take the lid away and see the result „Cat Eye“.

Benefits: longevity, dries fast, does not smudge and is refillable.
Formula facts: cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, phythalate free

Able Cosmetics
Instagram Able Cosmetics

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