A fresh and natural Make-up for the “Oktober-Fest-Season”

There will be the “Oktober Fest” in Munich soon, starting the 17th of September. Soon there will be a lot of “Lederhosen” and “Dirndl” worn not only in Munich but also by fans all around the globe. I went once to an “Oktober Fest” in the East Village in NYC. It was as much fun and it involved a lot of german beer.

As to a perfect appearance also belongs the right make-up, I would suggest to try your make-up early enough to make sure that you will have all the products you need handy in time.

To me a glossy and natural make-up is what works best with the traditional dress, the “Dirndl”.

You will find the step-by-step on the style blog from Hallhuber.

Hallhuber Style Blog
Photographer: Maria Gibert
H&M: Sina Velke
Model: Christine Beutmann

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