The right products make the difference to every look

No matter how good the tutorial is, which shows you how to create a goth- or Halloween look, the right products matter.

Be aware that the most expensive products are not necessarily the best ones though.

I would always suggest that you try them first before you buy them.

As a hair&make-up artist I have bought a lot of product I never really used in the end.

There are three simply rules which make it easy to not waste your money on make-up products you won’t end up using:

1. When you try new make-up always do it in day-light to check if it suits your skin tone
2 Are the colors and textures performing on your skin as expected?
3. Nail-polish and mascara always is the best when just opened

Please find in my October Highlights some of my current favorites especially to create the goth- and Halloween-looks.

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