Sleek chignon with hair-extensions

When I had short hair I was missing my long hair… isn’t it always as such that you miss what we don’t have?!

Being a hairstylist I know what to do if you have short hair and you want them long again… you just simply use hair extensions in your own hair color.

After showing the tutorial ‚cute couple princess lipgloss and nailpolish from dior addict’ some of you asked how I had created the sleek look I was wearing in this tutorial.

To be honest with you: I never wanted to share this tutorial as I was not really happy with the result. I thought the chignon was too messy in the end.

But as I am sure a lot of you are struggling once doing your own hair, I decided I have to share. This is a good excample that we all have to prective to get sleek looks on ourselves perfected.

This look is very chic and elegant. I love it, especially from the front.

Filmed by Maria Gibert
Edited by Manuela Rosati

One comment

  1. Hugyi Tamás
    11/20/2016 — 5:32 pm

    Same for my wife
    Likely she is beauty with both style just unhappy

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