Cover Model ‘Hayley Hasselhoff’ for the Sheego calendar 2017

The plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff (daughter from David Hasselhoff) was the cover model for the Sheego calendar 2017.

As Hayley had interviews before coming to the shoot, she already had her hair & make-up done. Thank you, Hayley, for letting me taking everything off and starting from scratch. I love the final result. I hope you do too. You look stunning.

We shot Hayley with all the other curvy beauties in a studio in Berlin. Check out all the images attached.

When you have 7-8 models a day you need a good assistant. Tina Hoffmann is my first assistant now for over 5 years. If she would not have been with me on board, I have no idea how I would have managed. There are jobs where you need assistants who have worked with you for a long time, hence know your work, know what to do when and fast.


Cover-Model: Hayley Hasselhoff

Photographer: Kristian Schuller

Stylist: Peggy Schuller

Hair & Make-up Artist: Sina Velke

Hair & Make-up Assistant: Tina Hoffmann


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  3. Jesus Ozoa
    12/13/2017 — 4:40 am

    Damn! Love those jigs of yours it freaks my spine

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