‘Mey Bodywear’ shot by Jeremias Morandell

To shoot for Mey Bodywear I had to fly to Munich. When I was getting introduced to Jeremias he instantly said that we had met before.

Have you been in a similar situation where you meet someone, you know you have met before, you just don’t know where and when?!

Later that day we found out that we had met in Milan years ago and that we had a friend in common. Crazy.

Jeremias Morandell is italian and lives in London these days. I loved what we did for Mey. Those b&w shots are strong and pure. Not always easy to shoot with realy people. He managed with ease.

Client: Mey Bodywear

Photographer: Jeremias Morandell

Hair&Make-up: Sina Velke

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