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Da das Clips Magazin das erste Magazin war, welches je über mich geschrieben hat: „Lebe Deine Träume“ (2003 ) und „Zwischen Mailand und Melbourne“ ( 2005), war es eine ganz besondere Freude einen weiteren Artikel über mich in der Clips zu finden, nachdem ich ein Intensiv-Seminar über „Hairstyling“ an der Famous Face Academy in Frankfurt gegeben hatte.

Famous Face Academy

Translation of the German article:

CLIPS for the best

Sina Velke visits the Famous Face Academy in Frankfurt

Sina Velke brings her impressions from Paris Fashion Week to the Academy.

Two days ago, hair specialist Sina Velke visited the Famous Face Academy as guest tutor, sharing her know-how with the students there.

Having just flown in to Frankfurt direct from Paris, Sina inspired and animated the students with her Fashion Week impressions and experiences.

Lively and cheerful, Sina brought her impressions from Paris Fashion Week with her to Frankfurt. The nostalgic charm evoked by Louis Vuitton’s collection, all short-hair wigs and dark-red lips, as he sent his models out in pyjamas. Magnificent outfits with opulent details from Alexander McQueen astounded the crowd. The Berlin label Augustin Teboul placed their models in an elaborate setting of fallen chairs, couches and carpets. The skilfully placed freeze-frame images captivated onlookers with dark colours, obsession with detail and lots of crochet lace.

Heads-wise, things were more ordered. Severely drawn back hair, perfectly created plaits, feminine chignons and hats were presented. This look was contrasted by hair worn open and fabricated hair-chaos.

Sina Velke (29) brought an infectious energy and a great sense of motivation. Alongside specialist knowledge and technique, she radiated passion for her work like no other. We are proud to have had her as guest tutor at the Famous Face Academy!

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