NYFW SS2015 / Assisting on shows again / inspiring blogger Froufrouu

Since I came back to NYC nearly 2 weeks ago, I hardly found time for my morning runs, had a lot of coffee, little sleep, assisted on a lot of shows during NYC fashion week and shot editorials over the weekends.

I was so franticly busy that I could hardly take snap shots. I thought the other day that I will not only need a full-time assistant for my jobs, I also do need him/her for more snapshots for you, for my blog.

I snapped a few behind-the-scenes shots at Tess Giberson, where Ward Stegerhoek created this easy-going side-pony with a twist. Only her braids and camera dangling around her neck gave away that she wasn`t part of the line-up: the Blogger Froufrouu looked so cool and nearly thought she was part of the black&white collection.

The australian designer Betty Tran had a special message to share and I was glad that a friend of mine had taken me to watch the show: “be brave”.

Didier Malige created a modern look with an edge for Reem Acra. The weightless texture with a low sidepart looked so clean on the runway. By the time I was helping Guido Palau with his black wigs: bobs with low fringes for Marc Jacobs, I was so ready for my juice “fountain of youth” by juice press.

Fashion Weeks are so much fun to do but yes, they are very exhausting too… so have your “fountain of youth” for a vitamin-fix handy.

Hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek
Blogger FrouFrouu
Australian designer Betty Tran
Hairstylist Didier Malige
Hairstylist Guido Palau
Juice Press

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