Last minute gifts / sharing my favorites

As I am living most of the time out of suitcases, it is very important to me to make myself at home no matter where I am.

This is why despite skin-care and make-up products, scented candles are part of my “Last minute gifts” too. The right scent instantly puts me into relaxation mode and makes me feel at home.

For quick make-overs between invites during Christmas and New Years Eve, with family and friends, it is always good to have everything you need in your handbag handy. Size matters and this is why I love the “on the run” variations.

In order to look amazing throughout the entire festive season treat yourself with my secret potion from Kiehl`s made out of essential oils: “Midnight Recovery Concentrate”.

Merry Christmas everyone.

1 — Bobby Brown, Mini Brush Set, Pinselset
This professional little make-up kit provides you with all the brushes you need for a touch-up.

2 — Jo Malone, Christmas Cracker, Duftset
For years I always have a small Jo Malone scented candle in my suitcase to make myself instantly feel at home no matter where I am on this planet.

3 — Urban Decay, Naked On The Run, Make-up Set
Why do you name a product line “Naked”? This make-up from Urban Decay always looks natural and does what it is supposed to do: to make you look natural and fresh.

4 — Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I love what it does to my skin: it gives me the healthy glow back and during winter-time my skin feels always soft and moist.

5 — Yves Saint Laurent, Touch Eclat, Make-up Set
Even if you only have a minute in the morning to do your make-up: at least put some concealer and lots of mascara on your upper lashes. It will “wake up your face” instantly.

6 — AESOP, Resurrection duet hand wash balm, 2 x 500ml
Since I lived in Australia I am obsessed with this soap and balm. A must for every bathroom.

7 — Fornasetti, Burlesque Thyme Lavender and Cedarwood candle
I just simply love the packaging. It looks so luxurious in your living- or bathroom and it smells good.


  1. Janin Schröder
    12/21/2014 — 2:26 pm

    Ich <3 das Midnight recovery concentrate! Schöne Weihnachten liebe Sina!

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