Boho Braid with Leather Accessory

The photographer Lina Tesch visited the Coachella festival in California. In her fotostory on her blogspot she shows a young girl with cool braided hairstyles. I particularly love the dollar sign.

Braids are still the most beloved hairstyles. We show another braid-variation in our tutorial attached.

The boho-braid is particularly cool with the leather accessory. This little stunner is from Los Angeles. I found it on my many work-trips. Sometimes it actually is the right accessory which will make a look.

Such a special accessory won’t just fall in your lap. This is why you just have to grab it once you find it or you just simply handcraft it yourself.

Find the step-by-steps for the braid attached.

Filmed by Maria Gibert
Photographer: Lina Tesch

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