Fancy the best Espresso in NYC?

I often use the german expression: “cold coffee makes you beautiful” to justify my passion for coffee.

I love coffee. I always have. That there are such big differences though in taste I learned throughout the years living in Italy, then Australia and now in NYC.

Across the street from my apartment in the East Village there is this amazing “lil street caffe. If my flatmate had not pointed it out, who knows when I finally would have found it.

You can find good coffee in NYC but when I had that coffee, I instantly went back in my mind to all the other places I have had amazing coffee at. There weren’t too many.

I confess: when I go to bed, I am already looking forward to having my first “creamy and nutty” coffee in the morning. If possible now at Abraco in the East Village.

Best Coffee in NYC: Abraco
Fotos: Maria Gibert


  1. Pauline Bonney
    04/22/2015 — 2:56 pm

    Amazing coffee always makes a day just that little bit better Sina…enjoy :)

    • Sina
      04/23/2015 — 3:13 am

      Oh yes, it def can make my day. :-)

  2. Petra Hützen
    04/22/2015 — 2:09 pm

    Love the way you point out little things from daily life! Coffee makes memories ;-)

    • Sina
      04/23/2015 — 3:12 am

      The simplest things are often the most beautiful… x

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