June Highlights / My favorite products

For the perfect skin during summer not only the right skin care products are crucial.

Because of being a frequent flyer, my skin is suffering and I need regularly a beautician who is looking after it with care.

Without the deep cleanse my skin will react with infections as it produces too much sebum which gets trapped under the skin surface and can’t get out of the skin naturally.

With regularly spoiling my skin with the Brightening Facial Mask from La Mer, my skin gets rid of slight pigmentation spots. The mango scent from the Scented Lip Balm from Kiehl’s is a constant reminder that summer has hit.


    • Sina Velke
      06/20/2015 — 5:48 pm

      Und, liebe Anja Schneeberger, welches ist Dein lieblings Sommer-Produkt. Freue mich immer über Input und Austausch.

    • Anja Schneeberger
      06/20/2015 — 6:04 pm

      Das Clear lash and brow gel von Artdeco ist genial. Leicht in der Anwendung und erzeugt ein grossartiges Ergebnis. Sonst geh ich im Sommer nie ohne dezentes Rouge raus. Und meine Dr. Hauschka Körpermilch Citrone Lemongrass kommt bei mir täglich zum Einsatz.

    • Sina Velke
      06/21/2015 — 8:42 am

      There is nothing better than a “citrussy” scent on your skin. Makes you feel like summer immediately. :-)

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