The perfect make-up and accessory for a late-summer escape

If you don’t have kids as yet, you can take your summer-holiday whenever. So why not taking it once the temperature in Germany starts dropping…

So you may just be packing your suitcases to fly to one of the destinations where you still will find summery temperatures. Ask yourself what make-up to pack and how to accessorize yourself for a lovely day trip on a sailing boat.

A good friend of mine who will fly to Ibiza for a late-summer holiday break this weekend, told me that the weather there is now just right with warm days up to 30’C.

So once arrived at your destination, pick some of the native flowers which are in full blossom to create a gorgeous flower-crown and combine it with a cute make-up achieved with products from Irma for BeYu.

Find the step-by-step in the gif attached.

Photo and Gif by Maria Gibert
Irmas Word
BeYu Cosmetics
Model: Alex Kate Knight
Hair&Make-up: Tina Hoffmann
Production: Sina Velke


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