The perfect loose braid with headband

If you are attending the Oscars, a special dinner or the opera… there are moments where you want to stand out and feel beautiful.

The right outfit combined with accessories, like a headband and a loosely braided hairstyle, can make you look like a goddess from Sicily, who may have just attended the Dolce & Gabbana Show in Milano. Everyone can create an aura which will leave lots of room for interpretation and will arise curiosity.

Please find the step-by-step attached and the products, which will make it easy to create this hairstyle, are featured here as well. When will you get ready for your “red-carpet-moment”?

Step by Step:

1. Apply volume spray on roots and blow dry hair for more volume.
2. With the conic iron create soft waves for more movement.
3. Let the hair part naturally and create a loose ponytail.
4. Braid the very end of the low ponytail. Fix with an elastic and loosen the braid with your fingers.
5. Position the headband how it suits you.
6. Loosen a few hair strands on the side of your face
7. Fix your hairstyle with some hairspray at the end.

Foto by Maria Gibert
Model: Alex Kate Knight
Hair&Make-up: Tina Hoffmann
Production: Sina Velke

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