“Spa Fresh” by Hien Le at the Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2015

To meditative and classic music, Hien Le showed his A/W collection 2015 on serene looking models.

This “weightlessness” was underlined by a pure, sensual and fresh make-up look. The make-up artist Christina Vacirca from Mac, was talking about “skin in its purest form”.

With the right make-up products it is easy to create during autumn and winter a “spa fresh” look in your face. How to create this gorgeous and pure look, please find out in the step-by-step attached.

“Freshness” was not just the main focus when it came to the make-up look. Also the hair was created with a wet and dry texture combination to create the impression as if you had just come out of the sauna well groomed. The deep side part was celebrating the 20’s.

With a comb the wet texture was created. Through the lengths a light wavy texture was achieved through a curling iron. The men in the show had a sleek look with a deep side part too.


1. With Face&Body from Mac create a very sheer foundation. The focus is to achieve a skin looking “sauna fresh”.
2. Cream Color Base in perl & nude lightly applied around the eyes, will give your eyes a very soft finish and will bring more freshness into your face.
3. To open up the eyes even more use a lashcurler to bend the lashes.
4. Brush eyebrows so they look feathery and light.
5. Some natural gloss either in rose or in copper will finish up this look perfectly.

Hair-look women:

1. Create a deep side part. Spray the roots, lengths and ends with Wella Perfect Setting Prep. Blowdry hair with brush.
2. With a curling iron create a slightly wavy texture. Define with a hint of Wella Texture Touch.
3. Create on the roots with Wella Shape Shift a wet texture and run through with a comb to get a cool finish.
4. To fix the looks at the end use Wella Stay Essential2 Haarspray all over.

Hair-look men

1. Create a deep side part.
2 Spray Wella Perfect Setting Prep all over the entire hair and blow dry hair with brush.
3. With blowdryer and brush you will create a clean and sleek surface.
4. Fix the look with Wella Stay Essential2 Haarspray.

Fotos by Maria Gibert
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