Looking for the perfect christmas gift?

Are you still looking for the perfect christmas gift for your mum, your sister, your girlfriend…?

Handmade make-up-brushes from Bella Brushes would be my suggestion. I have those affordable but professional brushes in my kit. I love them as they stay like brand-new forever and they apply product perfectly while being super soft and gentle to your skin.

Wether you go with the 7-brush-set or the 24-brush-set depends on how much your beloved one is into make-up. I would actually get both as the small kit is perfect for traveling and the big one is all you need for your bathroom.

The how-to for both of the kits you can find in the two tutorials attached. Happy shopping at Bella Brushes directly.

Bella Brushes


  1. Gundula Cöllen
    12/12/2015 — 3:02 pm

    Hey Sina, do you know how these are made? Heard a lot of animals need to suffer for the production of beauty brushes.

    • Sina
      12/13/2015 — 6:17 pm

      Hi Gundi. Thanks for your concerns. As far as I know most of the brushes are with synthetic hair. The ones which are with “pony-hair” are with animal hair. I will get back to you shortly once I hear back from Bella Brushes how the “pony-hair”is sourced.

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