‚Irka Chiganaeva’ shot by Anna Daki

After having spent one summer in Berlin, I do know now why so many people think that Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world to live right now.

We shot this story for Le Mile Magazine at the lake ‚Bernsteinsee’ in Brandenburg. Not even one hour outside of Berlin. The country around Berlin with its many lakes is simply gorgeous. Once it is warm and the sun is out, you just don’t wanna be anywhere else really.

That day we were a ‚girls-team’ and it was fun. Brandy, the cute beagle from the photographer, had to protect us from a nudist. Funnily enough our model Irka could not care less about the interruption and the great pics are the awesome result of a day which felt like a catch up with girlfriends.

Magazine: Le Mile Magazine

Photographer: Anna Daki

Stylist: Jessica Klimach

Hair& Make-up: Sina Velke

Model: Irka Chiganaeva

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