Trendy flash tattoos, which not only work during summer

As a hairdresser, but also as a hair- and make-up-artist, I don’t like to wear jewellery. Not only due to hygenic reasons, no, also because it often hinders me during my work.

These flash tattoos are the perfect alternative. They accessorize your skin without being in your way. They last a few days and are easy to remove with some oil.

If you like to regularly change your accessories, these tattoos are perfect as they are easy to mix up and you can as often change the designs as you like. In comparison to jewellery they are super cheap and as impressive.

My friend and stylist Kate Stein just visited the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and matching with her fabulously crazy outfits, she also decorated her legs accordingly.

I hope that Kate Stein didn’t forget to take care of her skin in the harsh desert conditions. For the hands I always count on my Ultimate Strength Hand Salve von Kiehl’s.

Please find how to apply those flash tattoos in the tutorial attached.

Film by Maria Gibert
Flash Tattoo Design: Tina Hoffmann
Production: Sina Velke
Kate Stein
Festival Burning Man


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