Beauty A – Z: G – Gold


Today it is all about the GOLD 001 from the Pat Mc Grath lab.

Pat Mc Grath is the queen of make-up and her product range is getting a lot of attention lately which is well deserved.

This rich and highly pigmented creme paint product comes up as “gold” on skin as it is supposed to. Everyone who has worked with gold before knows that this is the challenge with gold as most of the golden products on the market do not have enough pigment. The microfine pigmented gold will blow your mind.

There are also golden paillettes which come with the golden creme paint and can be glued on skin.

Check out the gold lips which Pat Mc Grath created for Prada Spring 2016 or Givenchy Spring 2016 where she also used the paillettes.

Please also find attached images and a video from her guerrilla-style takeover of Tuileries in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.

G-Gold 001 from Pat Mc Grath

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