Beauty A-Z: H – Hair Extensions


Whom does not want to have long, full and healthy hair?!

This is why you can’t cope as a hairstylist without: hair-extentions.

In every equipment from a hairstylist there has to be extensions, wigs, ponytails and fringes in all different colors, shades and textures. This is how you will be able to achieve on different jobs with every possible Haircolor and –texture, all possible looks.

I personally prefer the clip-in-hair-extensions. But there is also a method where you use a glue to fasten the wefts to the roots. A special glue is required which you will have to take out after the job with a product which contains alcohol.

The extensions quality is very important. The better the extensions are matched to the real hair, the better the result. If you can’t tell that extensions are used than you as a hairstylist have done an awesome job.

No matter if the extensions are clip-ins, tapes or wefts, they should always be 100% human hair. Only then you will be able to style them like real hair. You can also color them if you don’t happen to have the right shade in your equipment.

Asian hair will always be cheaper than european hair. Depending on length the price will vary.

Treat extensions like your own hair: wash it carefully with shampoo, rinse it thoroughly and treat it with mask. When you brush them, start at the very ends. Extensions will last forever if you treat them with care. Don’t let them tangle too much.

Attached you will find some helpful links as well as a tutorial where it is shown how to use extensions properly.

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